Interview extracts from the first volume of an oral history of cybersecurity practitioners.

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Welcome to the Working in Cybersecurity Project

What’s it really like working in cybersecurity? Do I need a degree? Do I need to build a lab in my basement? Should I get certified? What was it like working with some of the pioneers in the field? Is this field really a meritocracy, or a toxic swamp of bro-fessionals perpetrating bad behavior?

These and many other questions are hotly debated online, at conferences, and wherever hackers, engineers, and policy wonks gather to talk shop. Working in Cybersecurity was inspired by the classic Working by Studs Terkel: an oral history of the myriad jobs people did decades ago, as told to Terkel by those who did those jobs. This project is an attempt to recreate that effort, with a focus on cybersecurity and the people who do the wide range of jobs that make up the field.

Cybersecurity is often derided as yet-another field filled with white men. While the shading might be fairly monochromatic, it is still quite diverse in a number of different ways. Sub-specialities, the path that practitioners take to get into the field, not to mention the hard-won attitudes and opinions those practitioners have about the problems we face, both pressing and pedestrian.

In Working in Cybersecurity you’ll hear from C-level executives, people who live on the command line, and others who may not be technical, but play an important role in our ability to advance the cause nevertheless.

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This site contains the introductory and closing content found in the book Working in Cybersecurity, as well as extracts from all of the interviews conducted for the book.

Working in Cybersecurity is available both as an e-book as well as paperback from Amazon.

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